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Tenancy Application

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Application Procedure

Thank you for choosing a McGrath property. Please complete this application thoroughly so we can process it as quickly as possible. Please note the following important points:
  1. We require all our tenants to pay rent by direct debit from a nominated bank account.
  2. This application must be accompanied by a copy of your driver’s licence or passport for identification purposes.
  3. If there is more than one applicant, a separate application form is required for each applicant.
  4. If the application is approved, you will be required to provide either a Bank cheque or money order for the rental bond, and first two weeks’ rent.
The following Information and documentation is required by each applicant:

At least 100 points must be provided for identification:
Current drivers licence (40 points), Birth certificate (30 points), Proof of age card (30 points), Passport (40 points), Medicare card (20 points), Credit card (20 points), Motor vehicle registration certificate (10 points), Bank statement (10 points), Telephone account statement (10 points), Gas account statement (10 points), Electricity account statement (10 points).

Please also attach the following documents:
Proof of rental history, Last four rental receipts or Printout of tenancy history
Proof of current address: Utility statements (no greater than six months old) or Council rates notice
Proof of income: 3 previous pay slips or Bank statement or If self-employed - tax returns and business registration
References: Minimum 2 written references from previous agent or landlord; and/or written reference from employer or friend

Should you not be able to meet the 100 check points, please phone your property management team.

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Emergency Contact

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Referees cannot be relatives and must not be anyone mentioned previously on this form.


Add Scanned Documents to speed up the process

Please do not attach all documents to a single button as a combined scan. Each individual document i.e. passport, driver’s license etc. should be attached to the correctly labelled button. This is important for privacy compliance.

Attachment Instructions

To Add a Document: click the ‘Select’ button of the description of the object scanned, for example TRA Disclosure or Drivers Licence to locate the file on your computer, then click on that file which will attach to your application.

To Update a Document: If you have a newer version of an existing document loaded from your tApp Profile, as above, just click the ‘Select’ button to locate the new version of the file on your computer, and the document will automatically override the old version, as well as update you tApp Profile.

Allowable file formats are: .gif, .jpg, .png, .pdf. Maximum size 10MB.
Indicates an attachment that has been pre-loaded from your tApp profile, or one you have just uploaded. To update this document with a newer version, just use the “Select” box below it to attach a new one.

Identifier Documents

Confidential Documents

TRA Disclosure

You are required to submit a signed TRA Disclosure to lodge this application:
TRA Disclosure

NSW Fair Trading Tenant Checklist

You are required to acknowledge you have read the following document:
NSW Fair Trading Checklist

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