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“ Our Mission is one of integrity, accuracy and exceptional service. tApp’s promise is one of a superior user-experience and a secure, simple, streamlined application process.”

About Us

Australia currently faces a serious housing shortage and the average Australian now works a longer working week than any country in the western world. tApp addresses both of these observations with a solution that maximises efficiency at all times.

Everything about our software is designed to streamline processes and create a stress-free user experience. The ancillary services extend beyond the rental application, with information disseminating to preferred utilities and Telco’s for immediate connection and a smoother moving experience. They even include maintenance requests to
property managers.

tApp is a subsidiary service of TRA – Trading Reference Australia / Tenant Reference Australia – and addresses the present day demands of tenants and real estate agents across the country. It is the one-top-shop for all things pertaining to renting a property.


  • Gai Williams
    Gai Williams :
    Managing Director

    Established in 1991 Managing Director and owner Gai Williams knows the TRA business from the ground up. Starting with TRA as a Marketing Manager for 2 years the opportunity presented to become the owner of the company which paved the way to making TRA what it is today. Under Gai’s leadership TRA’s culture is one of a can-do spirit, supported by a highly energetic team adaptable to change that delivers on service and excels in professionalism.

  • Tim Anderson
    Tim Anderson :
    Business Consultant

    Tim, recipient of the Order of Australia, OAM, a Life Fellow of the Real Estate Institute of NSW since 2008 and was an REINSW board member from 1994-2000 joined Trading Reference Australia (TRA*) as a consultant. He is well known throughout the industry as the go to person regarding property management and NCAT matters and has retained positions on a number of REINSW committees including representing Property Management over the years. He currently sits on the Property Management Chapter Committee, having also served as chair. Tim has actively promoted professionalism and integrity throughout his career in the industry and has applied these attributes to all his activities whether professional or personal. Tim's 50 years' experience and his extensive knowledge of landlord and tenancy law is invaluable as TRA extends its business in other directions.

  • Stewart Williams
    Stewart Williams :
    Marketing Manager

    Combining both Marketing and Sales of over twelve years experience, Stewart is well placed to align both customers’ needs and database innovation in taking TRA subscribers into the future. Understanding market dynamics and customer value propositions for landlords and tenant alike ensues confidence into the market by creating a highly detailed user friendly system that maximises landlord profit at the same time minimising landlord risk.

  • Vanessa Williams
    Vanessa Williams :
    Sales Manager

    Accumulating sales experience of over 20 years across the retail, manufacturing and real estate sectors Vanessa brings both a professional and personalised touch to the TRA sales team. Vanessa brings an understanding of customer motivations and desires and outstanding customer service to TRA. Both landlords and agents will be set to benefit from the level of service that Vanessa provides for a sustained performance that exceeds needs.

  • Steve Dangerfield
    Steve Dangerfield :
    Technical Director

    Steve is reponsible for building all aspects of the TRA database and applications and has worked for TRA for the last 10 years. Coming from a background of some of largest telecoms and banks in the UK and Australia including Westpac, American Express, British Telecom and many small businesses and start-ups he brings a corporate level of professionalism and understanding to all aspects of TRAs technical systems.

  • Gareth Bellis
    Gareth Bellis :
    Infrastructure Manager

    Canadian born, serviced the City of Toronto (Canada) Aecon and many other brands before coming to Australia. He worked with Aaron Dormer with Krispy Kreme, Doritos, Smiths, Guzman Y Gomez, Hutchison Telecoms, Virgin Atlantic, and Tourism Queensland and Western Australia and joined TRA 8 years ago. Gareth has a passion for business and assisting in the success of each business he commits to.

  • Aaron Dormer
    Aaron Doomer :
    Infrastructure Manager

    Aaron is a technologist at heart and for over 10 years at TRA, he has delivered superior technological strategy and implementation. For brands seeking greater customer engagement, Aaron has driven insight-led and powerful digitally enabled solutions. Over the last 14 years, he has contributed to the success of global brands with the Associated Press and Sainsbury's in the UK. Since returning to Australia, he has focused on delivering multi-channel/multi-platform digital solutions for brands such as Krispy Kreme, Doritos, Smiths, Guzman Y Gomez, Hutchison Telecoms, Virgin Atlantic, and Tourism Queensland and Western Australia.