Our Privacy Policy

tApp is an online tenancy management service, a division of Trading Reference Australia Pty Limited ABN 72098231219.

We take privacy very seriously. For further assistance please contact us on 02 9363 9244.


tApp regards compliance with all applicable laws to protect the privacy of individuals as mandatory. Accordingly, tApp has taken and will continue to take steps to ensure such compliance is achieved.

Collection and access

tApp takes care to ensure that it only collects information necessary for its functions and activities. No sensitive personal information is retained. Access to the database is carefully limited to persons with a genuine purpose for consulting the database. Any person whose information is collected by tApp is able to gain access to that information directly through the on-line application or by submitting a request in writing to tApp at info@tradingreference.com.If we receive a written request from a person whose information is held in the tApp database we will provide that person with a copy of the information we hold.

Accuracy of information

tApp takes measures to make sure that the information on its database is accurate, complete and up to date. We do not make changes to information on the tApp database as it is not our information to change. The tApp is available at all times to those persons who have supplied their information to update the information as necessary and it is expected that persons will keep their own information accurate, complete and up to date. If you think that any information on the database is, or might be, inaccurate or out of date, please contact us and we will make every effort to correct any inaccuracies. If we become aware or suspect that information on the tApp database is inaccurate, incomplete or not up to date we reserve the right to remove the information from the database.

TRA takes care to ensure that only relevant information is collected on its database. No sensitive personal information is retained. Access to the database is carefully limited to persons with a genuine purpose for consulting the database.

What sort of information does TRA hold?

Information held by tApp is all of the information provided by persons in their use of tApp. The main type of information held by tApp is information, which helps identify a person (name, address, telephone number and similar information). The personal information collected by tApp in relation to prospective tenants is more extensive, by reason of the nature of the on-line tApp facility, than information which may be collected about other individuals.

Purpose of collection

Personal information is held for one or more of the functions and activities of tApp which include the submission and processing of tenancy applications and applications to other goods and service providers, for review by real estate agents and other goods and service providers, disclosure to solicitors, commercial agents, banks and others to contact a person whose details are in the database.

Who tApp discloses information to

tApp will discloses personal information collected by it to organisations such as real estate agents, property owners, utility providers, utility brokers, insurers and insurance brokers, other providers of goods and services, banks and commercial agents. Personal Information may be disclosed to persons outside Australia. This may occur in circumstances where an organisation or person to whom information is disclosed and located in Australia outsources administrative and/or operational functions to persons outside Australia or where a person located outside Australia requests to undertake a search of the information held by TRA on its database. Such persons may be located in the Philippines but it is otherwise not practicable for TRA to specify the countries in which those person outside Australia are likely to be located.

TRA policies in relation to the management of personal information

TRA maintains the following policies in relation to the management of personal information:

  • TRA takes appropriate steps are taken to prevent unauthorised access to the tApp database, including to prevent unauthorised modification or disclosure of the records in that database. The security of the database is to be reviewed periodically.
  • tApp maintains a list of authorised users at all times. That list is reviewed periodically to ensure that it is accurate.
  • tApp requires users to agree to terms and conditions of use which, in part, are intended to ensure users comply with their own obligations under privacy laws.
  • tApp does not collect any sensitive information about individuals, within the meaning of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).
  • Information is collected about individuals only by lawful and fair means.
  • tApp takes appropriate steps to provide its contact details to persons who become listed in its records.
  • tApp will change the record of any person whom advises tApp that his or her record is incorrect, upon being reasonably satisfied of the correctness of such advice.
  • tApp will make a copy of this document available to any person who asks for it.
  • tApp provides access to any person to his or her own records, upon being reasonably satisfied of the identity of that person.