tApp: Free Online Application

What is tApp?

tApp is a FREE service that allows you to apply for multiple properties at the same time and can free up your Saturday to do other things. It is also the easiest and safest way to apply for rental properties online.

Once you have created a tApp profile, all you need to do is enter the property details. It’s that SIMPLE.

An email is sent to both yourself and the managing real estate agent notifying each of you that the application has been received.

tApp’s aim is to streamline the rental process and to delight all of its users with a seamless and secure tenant application process. Everything about our software is designed to streamline processes and create a stress-free user experience.

And it does more than process the rental application: it also preps your preferred utilities and Telco’s for immediate connection and a smoother moving experience. tApp can even include maintenance requests to property managers.

Makes the old running around process look a bit 80’s doesn’t it?

So create a FREE profile with tApp today. It might be the only form you need to complete ever again!