Services for Property Management

How it Works

When a tenant has submitted their rental application, the property manager receives an electronic notification from tApp.

Managing the rental application is easy. All you need to do is select a suitable tenant! Once this has been done, tApp automatically notifies unsuccessful applicants by email - saving you valuable time.

tApp then can generate a lease document for the successful tenant.

Why Join TRA and use tApp?

  • Automatic search of each tApp application against the TRA database
  • Automatic integration with many utility companies and other software solutions
  • Automated emails to successful and unsuccessful tenants with customisable text
  • Generation of lease documents
  • One click to print the application and all documents attached
  • Customised email templates
  • Graphs to show where your tenants see properties advertised e.g. real estate portal etc.
  • Easy filtering out of problem tenants


tApp was born out of TRA (Tenant Reference Australia/Trading Reference Australia) – a comprehensive database relating to residential and commercial rental information. In fact, tApp integrates seamlessly with the TRA database to perform searches and produce accurate information regarding tenant history and other rental data.

TRA’s mission is one of integrity, accuracy and exceptional service. tApp’s promise is one of a superior user-experience and a secure, simple, streamlined application process.