Services for Self-Managing Landlords

As a Self-Managing Landlord you need a bit more help, and we are here to assist. We offer an easy to use, affordable service to allow you to professionally receive applications for your properties. This will include an automated search on all of your applicants through our defaulting Tenant database, the ability to create shortlists and send emails to successful and unsucessful tenants.

How it Works

You subscribe with a one-off fee for a single property for a two month period. We provide you with a simple link you can email to prospective tenants or post on any property listing website you are using so that the tenant can apply from your advertisement i.e. Real or Domain.

When tenants submit their applications you will receive an email notification providing a link to log into the system to review and manage them. A search will have been done through TRA defaulting tenant database before you receive all applications and a Certificate of proof will appear with the Tenants documents.

Managing the rental applications is easy:
Joint applications get automatically joined together, you can view their application and attachments as a single printable PDF and even shortlist the ones you like the look of. Once you have decided on your successful applicant you can send them an email from our system and all of the unsuccessful applicants will also be notified with an automated courteous email notification.

The cost is a one-off fee of $99 inc GST for a single property for a two month period.

Any further questions on this service, please contact us or signup below.

How to Sign up

Click the button below, this will take you to a signup form and payment page.