What is tApp?

tApp is a FREE online tenancy application form that streamlines the rental sign-up process. It is a seamless, secure, world-class remedy to traditional application hassles where real estate agents benefit from pre-populated information data fields and tenants only fill out a form once.

The tApp online solution allows you to manage many tenancy applications simultaneously, using a single secure online profile.
Click here for a video demonstration of how tApp is changing the Australian rental property landscape.

How do I apply to an Agent / Multiple Agents?

There are two ways of doing this:

  1. The agent will send you a link to their application form. Click on it and then choose the appropriate link that applies to your situation, (NEW USER OR EXISTING USER) and continue with the application.
  2. Login to the tApp site here: https://t-app.com.au/sign-in.aspx. Sign Up and log in, then click on the large green button that says “APPLY FOR TENANCY”. From there start typing the agencies name and a list should appear of many agencies, click on the agency you choose from the list and continue applying from there. If the agency name doesn’t appear in the list you can click “I can’t find my real estate agency in the list” and enter the email address of any agency in Australia and continue applying from there.

How will I know the managing agent has received my application?

Upon completing your application an email is sent off to the relevant property manager. You will receive a notification confirming its arrival in their inbox as will they. We would still recommend that you follow the status of your application closely and perhaps follow up with the agent at a later time to re-iterate your interest in a specific property.

Will a property manager always accept my application?

If you have applied through a tApp enabled form then the agent will always accept your application.

The tApp application process is very rigorous, with enough scope to include the individual requirements of any real estate agent. It is up to the agent to filter the applications and nominate a successful tenant. The tApp process includes the ability for an agent to notify all applicants (successful and unsuccessful) of the result of their application.

If an agent is not responding to you, then by all means contact us to follow them up

How do I start using tApp?

Scenario 1
Complete your Profile on the tApp site and look for an agency that use’s tApp. Enter the Profile number you were issued with and your Surname at the top of the page in the tApp section and click the load button and all your information and attachments will load automatically.

Scenario 2
Apply with any agency who has the tApp facility and once you click the Submit button you will automatically be emailed and SMS’d your Profile number for re-use.

Scenario 3
If the agency you are applying with doesn’t have the tApp facility, ask if they would accept your application by giving them our website address to apply for this free facility.

How much does it cost to use tApp?

tApp is completely FREE for Tenants.

I have forgotten my tApp profile number.

Simply select “Forgotten my login details” from the Login page and follow the prompts. We will verify your account to ensure your security, and email you your details to your registered email address. Due to security issues we can not send these details to another email address, so please contact us if you are unable to retrieve your login.

How do I change my email address?

Login to your tApp profile and update the email address in there. You will receive a confirmation email.

How do I update my profile?

To update personal, address, employment or reference details, select "Edit My Profile" from your user page or under the "My Account" tab.

How do I delete my profile?

Login to your tApp profile and you will see the link text 'If you wish to delete your profile,click here'. Use that link to delete your profile.

How secure is tApp?

The privacy and security of members is a priority for tApp.

High-security measures are enforced in order to maintain the security and integrity of customer information with encryption and server security equivalent to that of major banks. The dedicated server is hosted directly by tApp, with administrative access restricted to only a small number of approved employees. A username and password is required to authenticate all users and security measures are in place to verify all password changes.

For more information, please see our Privacy Policy or contact us for further information on website security.

Why am I not receiving email notifications from tApp?

The most common reason that emails are not received is mistyping of addresses (i.e. leaving of “.au”) or because of aggressive spam filters on email servers. Check your spam or junk mail folder for your tApp email notification and select "this is not junk" to add our address to your safe list. If you have entered an incorrect email please contact us and we can save you from having to create a new profile.

So how can I submit a joint application with a friend/partner?

The Property Managers require each applicant over 18, including partners, friends or flatmates to make a separate application.

This means that it is mandatory for each person to have their own account which necessitates an individual email address and password.

It should be noted that on each person's application the other rental applicants are nominated (next to "Number of Adults"). The agent can then connect these applications together.

I am having trouble uploading my ID and supporting document files.

This may be related to the file type and size. Ensure your files are less than 2 megabytes in size and saved as .pdf, .jpg or .png file types only. Many other non-compatible file types can be changed to a tApp compatible format by simply re-saving the file.

How do I unsubscribe from tApp emails?

tApp is not a subscription service; you will only receive email notifications from tApp when solicited and relevant to your application or if you opt in to a moving service.

If you would like to delete your applications or stop receiving email notifications, simply select the Delete or Cancel options next to the relevant applications.

Have another question or a suggestion on how we can improve tApp to better serve you?

We'd love to hear it! Please contact us!