What is tApp?

tApp is an online tenancy application form that streamlines the rental sign-up process. It is a seamless, secure, world-class remedy to traditional application hassles where real estate agents benefit from pre-populated information data fields and tenants only fill out a form once.

The tApp online solution allows you to manage many tenancy applications simultaneously, using a single secure online profile.

Click here for a video demonstration of how tApp is changing the Australian rental property landscape.

How can I experience what tApp has to offer?

If you would like a live demo of tApp, click here and we will be in touch to show you it's many features.

How much does it cost to use tApp?

tApp is completely FREE for Tenants and included in the TRA subscription for agents.

How secure is tApp?

The privacy and security of members is a priority for tApp.

High-security measures are enforced in order to maintain the security and integrity of customer information with encryption and server security equivalent to that of major banks. The dedicated server is hosted directly by tApp, with administrative access restricted to only a small number of approved employees. A username and password is required to authenticate all users and security measures are in place to verify all password changes.

For more information, please see our Privacy Policy or contact us for further information on website security.

What technical support do you currently provide customers?

For technical issues that Tenants may have we have automated error alerting to our technical staff plus feedback forms they can use during the process. For any technical questions for Tenants or Agents, we can be contacted by phone or email during business hours. clich here to contact us.

Will my staff need training to use the system?

The system has been built to provide a simple user experience for Tenants and Agents, so most things should be clear for your staff. We will take you through the system when you first sign up and be available for questions/help at any time.

Have another question or a suggestion on how we can improve tApp to better serve you?

We'd love to hear it! Please contact us!